The earliest records show that Treacy’s was established in 1780, although it is believed to be as old as 300 years. What makes the pub even more unique is that it has been in the Treacy family all this time, eight generations. The pub is one of the few remaining original thatched premises in the country.


The Treacy ancestors and their business on The Heath have lived through the industrial revolution, the great famine, British occupation, Irish independence and civil war.


As with many public houses, Treacy’s originally functioned as a grocery store as well as a bar. With the increased ownership of the motor car, Esso fuel pumps were added to the business in 1951/51. There was also a weigh bridge in the car park. In the early 70’s the pumps were removed and the grocery sales ceased.


The restaurant opened in 1987 in response to the number of hungry truck drivers on the Dublin Road. The pub staple ‘toasted special’ just wasn’t enough anymore, and the business grew and flourished.